Reza Sholeh (رضا شعله)

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Reza Sholeh (رضا شعله) . Reza Sholeh lives in Toronto, ON. Reza Sholeh is Persian Actor.

Reza Sholeh always wanted to become an actor since childhood. In high school he performed in his school’s plays. After graduating, however, he went on to university to study architecture in order to appease his family, but left after the first semester to follow his own dreams. He enrolled in a drama school in Iran where he studied theatre and performed in Persian reproductions of Shakespearian plays, but was never in front of a camera.

The movie, Lost Journey (2010) provided Reza with the opportunity to jump start his career on the big screen. Never having auditioned outside of Iran before, he found the experience quite harrowing but was able to draw inspiration for the character from his own background. In Lost Journey, Reza plays 19 year old Pedram Abasi who leaves his native Iran to study in Canada.

Pedram’s father has made many sacrifices so that he could have enough money to send his son overseas to live with his aunt and uncle. However, the introduction to a different, more liberal lifestyle that includes alcohol, drugs and clubbing, changes Pedram’s life and puts into peril his father’s dreams of a brighter future for his son.

Reza Sholeh (رضا شعله), 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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