Metal Sanaz (متال ساناز)

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Metal Sanaz (متال ساناز) . Metal Sanaz lives in Hollywood, California, USA. Metal Sanaz is Hostess.
During the past six years, Sanaz has carved a niche in the Music, Video, and New Media industry of the Metal/Hard Rock scene. The popularity of her branded online content has received over 8 million views through all of her licensing partners, over 1,000,000 dedicated fans on Myspace, and gave her the opportunity to serve as the Official Host of Myspace: A Place For Metal.

She has also co-hosted the HD Live web casts of Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution Tour and Operation Myspace in Kuwait, which included Disturbed, Pussycat Dolls, Filter, and Jessica Simpson. Her hosting duties have also taken her to several military bases, Hosting the 2009 Golden Gods Awards in London UK, and numerous Heavy Metal and Hard Rock events throughout the world.

For the very first time in history of Iran, (HEAVY METAL) and her interviews are being broadcasting to over 70,000,000 viewers overseas through Persian Satellites here in LA, which has caused a big movement in Islamic Communities, as this type of music is illegal and banned! But yet her fans from those countries such as Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Dubai and many more, have been supporting her and wanting more!

Sanaz is also about to launch her own record label very soon! And a reality TV show is on its way…And more to come …

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